Meet the Captain!!

Hello! My name is Caitlin and I am the ship captain for Learning Ahoy.   I started my career as a special education teacher in 2005.  I have taught early childhood special education through 3rd grade and probably students that fit into almost every disability category there is.  I am also certified in elementary education and have taught 2nd-grade math for 2 years (while also teaching special ed the rest of the day).  My favorite classes to teach are life skills and science.  I love my job and enjoy the joys and challenges I face every day.  I have my bachelors of science degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and a Masters of Science degree in Special Education Research.

I am from a small town in northern NJ, but moved to VA, after graduating college, to start my teaching career.  I met my husband in VA and we have settled here along with our 3 boys, A, B, & C.  I am a baseball mama, autism momma bear and coach the Great Computer Challenge teams ( playing dual role of teacher/parent) at our school. In addition I volunteer with our HOA board and our local Little League. You will occasionally see the boys on the blog or social media trying out something new or because I snuck into their classroom and took a picture (one of the perks of teaching where your kids go to school).

I started blogging in 2011.  I am the sole blogger for Learning Ahoy, but I have also blogged with Virginia is for Teachers and TeachHub.  In addition, I collaborate with a group of special education bloggers under the name We Teach Sped.  I am also a brand ambassador for Carson Delosa.  I like to blog about the happenings in my classroom, but will also throw in the occasional money saving tip (I love going to garage sales, thrift stores, and finding ways to save money) and parenting/lifestyle post.

I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store around the same time I started blogging.  All of the products I create are used in my classroom, so I know they are a hit with the kids!  I tend to create a lot of games and activities to keep kids engaged and keep learning fun.

Be sure to keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram to find out about new blog posts, teaching tips, new products, and sales.


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