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Happy  March!!

We do a lot of sorting in my classroom.  We sort colors, shapes, letters, words, pictures, and the list goes on.  I just wanted to share a few of our favorite tasks.

I found these containers at Rite Aide in the dollar section and the eggs at the Dollar store in the spring.  They are an easy task and i can vary it between two or three colors or even just make it into a put in task.  After the kiddos sort I usually also have them put the lid on the container. 

This is a re-do of a shape sorter.  Our shape sorter was too difficult for my students one year so we just took a box, covered it and cut out the shapes.  The kids now just sort the shapes into the box and do not have to worry about rotating to all of the sides of a shape sorter. 

This is a simple color sorting task with pompoms and a muffin tin.  I put stickers for each color in the muffin tins so the kids know what color goes where. 

This task is simply small and big paper clips that are sorted onto the appropriate index card.  To make it a little more fine motor heavy students could attach the paper clip to the index card. 

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