Shaving cream pumpkin

Happy October!!!

Shaving Cream pumpkinI just wanted to share this quick activity I did with my 2-year-olds a few years ago.  Unfortunately, I only have one picture(insert sad face).

I am a huge fan of using shaving cream and glue to make a paint.  It smells great, the kids can use their hands, and it is such a great sensory experience.

To make out pumpkins, I printed out a pumpkin outline on white cardstock.  The kids and I worked together to mix the shaving cream, glue, and some red & yellow food coloring.  They each took turns stirring.  We then used out fingers to put the "paint" on the pumpkins.  I put the paper on old lunch trays so that I could contain the mess and move them easily to dry.  After the pumpkins were dry I cut them out and hung them up.

You can also add faces to the pumpkin by having precut shapes, from construction paper or even the foam shapes,  that the kids can stick on to make a face.  The shapes will stick to the shaving cream once dry.
Shaving Cream pumpkin

If you would like to see other activities where I have used shaving cream and glue, check out this post about snowmen by clicking here and another one here.

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