Number practice with spider webs

number practice, fine motor, preschool
Looking  for a fun way to practice numbers and fine motor skills while incorporating spiders?  We made this awesome spider web to do just that!

I used number dot stamps and put numbers 0 -9 in random order around a paper plate.  The students traced the numbers with a smelly marker ( using smelly markers makes the activity jump up in the level of fun) as we counted from 0 - 9.
number practice, fine motor, preschool

 Next, we used hole punches (I like using this brand because they are easier for the kids to use) and the kids each punched a hole for each number.

Then we laced a piece of yarn through the 0 and taped it to the back of the plate.  We then laced through the numbers in order from 0 -9.  All of the webs looked different because I put the numbers in a different order on each plate.  After we were done, we left the sting long and hooked the spiders we made the day before to the bottom (I, of course, did not take a picture of the all of it put together).

number practice, fine motor, preschool

The kids loved this activity and it gave us a lot of practice on fine motor skills, number recognition, tracing and following directions.  One suggestion I will make is that the yarn needs to be a lot longer then you would think.  I made it to short and had to tie on extra for all of the kids.

number practice, fine motor, preschool

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