Sight word game: Oh Shamrock!!

I just wanted to share a quick picture of my kiddos playing on of my favorite sight word games, Oh Shamrock!! This is one of my favorite games and I have a bunch of different versions of it.  I have recently added some movement cards because we all know that our kiddos need to move more.  You can find this game in my TpT store and if you want to try one out I also have a version of the game up for free.

☘ Oh Shamrock! is a fun sight word game using the first 100 FRY words, that students of all ages love!  It is great to play for St. Patrick's day or all March long.

☘ Students pick out one card from a basket and read the word. If they get it correct they keep the card. If a student pulls “Oh Shamrock!”, then they must put all of their cards back in the basket. The winner is the student with the most cards at the end of play.

☘A I have also included additional cards included for extraordinary fun such as:
Pass cards to the right, All players do 10 jumping jacks and Trade your cards with another player.

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