Shaving Cream Snowman

This is one of my favorite activities that we do during the school year.  So simple, but the final product is awesome.

Last week we talked about snow.  One of the activities we did was making a snowman using shaving cream and white school glue (Elmer's is the brand we used).

I prepped the project by drawing 3 circles on large blue paper so that the students had an outline for their snowman.  I also precut hats, buttons, eyes, nose and the mouth out of scrapbook paper.  I have a silhouette ( type of die cut machine) that cut out everything for me.  This was a huge timesaver! (If you have the same machine and would like the  file, leave a comment below).

I started by having the kids mix the shaving cream and glue in their own containers.  We used equal parts shaving cream and glue and stirred with a popsicle stick.

Next the kids start spreading the mixture onto their snowmen.  The thicker the better (makes for an awesome texture).  Each student ended up needing two bowls of the "paint".

After they had their snowman painted, we added the details.  I forgot to take pictures as we were decorating, but I think the final product gives the idea.  The kids were each able to pick which ever hat, scarf and buttons they wanted.  They had to add 5 "pieces of coal" for the mouth and 2 for the eyes.  They were able to just stick each part onto the snowman.  Once it dried everything was stuck.

I love the way these came out and they have been a big hit hanging in the hallway.  I let the students touch the one I made the next day so that they could see how neat it felt.

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