Making snow!

Making snow with baking soda and shaving cream
We do not get a lot of snow here in our little corner of Virgina so I decided to make snow with my kiddos to play with.  I had never done this before and am super excited how awesome it came out.  It was even cold!!! I was able to send each student home with a little baggie of it to show to their parents.  I made sure to include a note so the parent knew what we were up to!

Make your own snow!

Here is what you need to get started: baking soda, white shaving cream, and something to mix in (or just the table top)

To make this all we did was mix baking soda and shaving cream.  I didn't measure it, I just squirted out some shaving cream on the table.  I then add baking soda.  I kept mixing and adding until the consistency was that I could mold it. It kind of felt like playdough. 

The kids had no problem digging and getting dirty.  We were able to roll to make a tiny snowman. You could also make a container of it and hide letters in it for a sensory hide and seek. 

In case your are wondering, eventually when left out it dries us and turns into a powder.  It took about 24 hours for this to happen.  I am not sure if you left it in a closed container how long it would last. 

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