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Hi All!! Better late posting than never right?!

 So I was going to post about dinosaurs today, but that will be waiting until next week.  Today I am going to share some of the Christmas gifts I have made with my students in the past in hopes of inspiring a few people!

#1 is was using one of the mugs that you can find at a craft store  that comes with a coloring sheet.  Instead of the included sheet, I just used my own paper.   To make the mugs the kids used brown paint and the finger of their choice to make finger prints on green paper.  I then added a nose, eyes, and antlers with permanent markers to make reindeer.  I just love the way they came out!  

For #2   I used a wreath die cut to cut out wreaths from foam in varying colors.  The kids picked which wreath they wanted to decorate.  They added stickers to it to make it their own. This made for lots of fine motor work as they had to peel the backs off of the stickers to get put it on their wreath.   After they finished, I added a piece of white foam to the back. I attached it with glue dots, but I am sure hot glue would work great also.  Then to add a picture to the middle I used the pictures that we get from our school pictures every year.  In addition to the kids pictures that they order we get 4 "stickers" with their pictures on it.  I stuck one of those stickers in the middle.  I then hole punched on the top and added a piece of yarn. Simple, yet cute and no out of pocket expenses.  Everything I used I had in my classroom already.

There are tons of other ideas that you can use.  You can find a bunch on my Pinterest boards. I especially love this one from Coffee Cups & Crayons. You can also check out a calendar I made a few years ago, but that definitely was not considered easy.   

I would love to see what you are making with your students!  Please share in the comments. 

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