Monday, July 14, 2014

Teacher Toolbox: PECS organization (Freebie!)

A few years ago when the teacher toolbox craze hit I really wanted to hop on board, but it did not happen until last summer.  I decided to make a toolbox not only for my supplies, but also for my picture communication system.  I decided to wait to blog about it until I could see how it worked out.

 I must say, I  LOVE this system.  Anyone can come into my room and look for a picture they might need.  The drawers are labeled (Although, as you can tell by the pictures, I did not have enough labels, oops!) and all you do is pull out the pictures to locate the one you need.  The pictures are also easy to put away, although I do keep a small basket right in front of the toolbox to throw pictures in.  Then a classroom volunteer can quickly go through and put them away.  I found throughout the year that I needed drawers that were just for a certain student.  So I just wrote their name on one of the blanks.These worked great to keep student specific pictures organized.  

I also love my toolbox with all of my supplies in it.  This made is super easy for all the paraprofessionals I work with to find things in my room instead of having to look on my messy organized in my way desk.

To make this I bought the toolboxes from Lowes.  They are Stack-On 18 drawer Storage Cabinets. Right now they are $19.96 each, however you can go through Ebates and purchase it online to get 2% back.  If you do in-store pickup then there is no shipping costs  (You can find out more about Ebates by checking out this blog post.).  I then made labels, printed them, laminated therm and attached the labels to the insides of the drawers with double sided tape.

To save you some time I am going to share my labels.  I used graphics from MyCuteGraphics and fonts from Kimberly Geswein Fonts.  Ready to go get your copy?  Click here or on the picture to the right!!

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