Blog Hoppin' Scavenger Hunt

If you follow me on Instagram you may notice that I have posted a lot of pictures with the hashtag #bloghoppin2014.  The crew over at Blog Hoppin'  have put on a scavenger hunt that has a lot of teachers searching high and low.  I have been able to get my kids and friends involved also.  I may have also tried to get a sneak picture of someone wearing a fanny pack but was not quick enough to chase them down.....  You can join in the fun by going to this blog hoppin' post to find out all the details.  If you are not following me on Instagram you can find me at caorsborne.

Here are some of my highlights! B has been a real sport in trying to help me get all of my pictures.

This is where I tried to get the guy in the fanny pack

B and I made play dough so we could spell out my name and Blog Hoppin'!

B wanted to pretend he was holding up the bus.

Making slime! This was our science experiment

B hold a teacher bag full of books!

You can check out other pictures by going to the link up over at Blog Hoppin!

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  1. Aw! I love B! What a great kid!

  2. I love the picture of B holding up the school bus! Hysterical!

    Your pictures are fun! Can't wait to see more!!



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