Smart Apps for Special Needs

Smart Apps for Special NeedsA few weeks ago I was a guest blogger for Smart Apps for Special Needs. I love this blog!! I get daily updates on great apps which are mostly free!! This is a great way for me to build my library of apps without going broke. Also if I am looking for something on a particular subject I can usually find it on Smart Apps. Check out my guest blog post here!!! Enjoy!!

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  1. I think that your blog is very helpful and beneficial because using the IPad in the classroom is exciting and fun for the students and the teacher. I am currently going to school for my Masters in Special Education and I also work with adults with disabilities. I feel that the apps you talked about can be very useful to me in a classroom of my own in the future and with the individuals that I am currently working with. I am very excited to get to learn about more useful tools and am very interested in learning more about the apps you have talked about. Thanks again for the great information!

    1. Hi Laura! I am glad you find this information useful. It is always great to hear that someone is able to use what I write. Good luck with your future classroom and I will make sure to post updates on any new apps I use.


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