Alphabet review

B received these neat Melissa and Doug flash cards for Christmas and I just had to share them!  They are called Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity Book - Alphabet  After looking at Amazon, I realized there a bunch of them and right now they are an add one (in other words cheap if you are buying something else).
There are Numbers, Animals, and Vehicles in addition to the alphabet cards.

The cards come with a ring to store them on and a little case for the water pen that also hooks to the ring.  To use the cards you fill the pen with water and "paint" on the cards to reveal the picture and trace the letter.  When the card dries you can do it again!  I think this would be a great activity to use in preschool or with K-2 kids to review their alphabet.  Once B outgrows these flash cards they will definitely be moving to my classroom.

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