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library As part of ESY/Summer School the kids take a weekly trip to the public library.  They are enable to enroll in the library’s reading program and check out books.  We often read books to our students during this time also.  Something I learned while there is that our students (my son included) have no idea how to use the online card catalog.  So, I jumped in and taught them.  I worked with one student to show him how to type in what he was looking for.  We then found the call number and he wrote it down.  Look at all of the skills we have worked on already!  Reading, spelling, typing, writing, identifying numbers, etc.   We then went and looked for the books.  I showed him how to look at the numbers on the shelves and the books.  By the following week he was doing this on his own. 

Library card catalog

This got me thinking that this is an important skill that somehow our kids are missing.  I take my own children to the public library at least weekly during the summer.  This has provided me with the opportunity to teach A how to find the specific books he wants.  He is doing this all on his own now.

photo (62) The other great thing about checking out the library is that it is a cool place (Especially during the recent heat wave!) that has more than books!  Our local library has computer games for kids, reading/play groups, lots of comfy chairs, and a play area at the back with some toys.  B  and C love going to the play area to play with the train set.  This gives A an opportunity to look for books and me a chance to sit down.  Do you check out your local library over the summer?  Are library skills something you teach your students?

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