Guest Post from Autism Tank: Work Tasks

  I am super excited to be doing my first guest blog post for Learning Ahoy!  When I sat down to think about what topic I should cover, I instantly thought about work tasks.  Both Caitlin and I seem to have a slight obsession with coming up with fun, new tasks to keep our kiddos busy.   When I was cleaning up my classroom in the last weeks of school, I found some tasks that I had totally forgotten about!

The two tasks I will share today both have to do with counting.  This first one was super easy to make...I just used notecards, stickers, and some beads I had laying around.

I just put a different amount of stickers on each notecard.  Then I wrote multiple choice answers on the bottom of each card before laminating them.  After they were laminated, I added 3 velcro spots.  The kids have to count the stickers, then velcro the bead to the correct number.

This book does involve counting, however, it is more of a matching task.  Each page in this features different aquarium animals that we learned about before a field trip to the aquarium.  I have created a few different versions of this book on different units we have done.  It is a good way to reinforce vocabulary words in an independent task.  

For this task, the kids have to match the words, pictures, and numbers on each page.  As you can see, this task is stored in 3-ring binder and I used top-loading sheets (to help save on laminating).

Thanks to Caitlin for allowing me to post as a guest blogger!  To see more from me, come check out my blog at!
~Hailey from Autism Tank

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