Frugal Friday: Groovebook (Get a free photo book!!)

Have you heard of Groovebook yet?  Either had I until I just happened on a post while blog hopping one day.  (I wish I could remember the blog I found it on!) Groovebook is a free app where you upload your photos from your iphone and they will send you up to 100 photos for free.  All you pay is the $2.99 shipping.  I was a little skeptical, but I was able to get my first book free  (I will tell you how shortly!).  These would be a great way to print out pictures that you take in your classroom.  If you order a full book with 100 photos, then it works out to about 3 cents per photo.   For a teacher on a budget, that is not a bad deal. 

Here is the book that I received.

photo 1 (17)

The is what is on the back of each photo.

photo 2 (16)

This is one of my photos.  The paper the photos are printed on is thinner then what would be “normal” photo paper. Each photo is also perforated so that I can easily take them out and frame them. (I am thinking of sending this to Grandma every few months so she has all of the pictures I take that she always wants me to print for her!) Sorry for the bad lighting!! The photo quality is better then what you can see here.
photo 3 (13)

So this process was super easy! First download the Groovebook App.  After you register(They will ask for a credit card, I used a Visa gift card that I have), you will get to a screen that looks like this.  Click on review to see your pictures.
photo 2

Click on each picture that you want to keep or delete.  If it has a green check it will be in your book, if it has a red x, it will not be in your book.  You can choose up to 100 photos. When your finished click on done.
photo 3

You will go back to the Review/Upload Screen, click on upload.  The screen will now look like this.  It is uploading the pictures you have checked.
photo 1

After you are finished uploading, you can go to the information screen and close your book or you can wait until your month is up and the app will automatically close the book for you. 
photo 2 (1)

Make sure you check your photos before you monthly date, or the app will pick for you and send your book.  You will get a book every month unless you cancel your subscription. You can send multiple books per month ($2.99 shipping applies to each book) and you can include multiples of one picture (great for those field trip photos that you want to give to each student).

Ok, so now how to get your free book.  Just use the code below (ORSBORNE7).  Feel free to share with friends and family!   If you are having trouble with the app or like video tutorials better (We all have different styles of learning!!), there is a video on the Goovebook website that will walk you through it.
photo 1 (18)

 photo blogsignature2.png


  1. I love photobooks. They make the best grandparent gifts!

  2. This looks like lots of fun! thanks for sharing! happy friday! xo xo

  3. Oh how cute (I literally just said that out loud LOL). I will be looking into these for gifts, maybe wedding favors hmm I don't know!!

  4. This is so cute! i love the idea behind photo books and have been wanting to do one for a long time! Definitely going to check this site out!

  5. Looks like it was alot of fun creating it, and simple too!

  6. I hadn't heard of this, either. I'll have to look into it. I am needing to get some baby pictures printed.


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