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I saw this awesome post on Praying for Parker where Parker worked on a painting activity for the 4th of July to represent fireworks.  I loved it and thought, “What a great idea for ESY!”  My co-teachers loved the idea also so we planned on doing this activity outside the Monday before the 4th.  We were going to tape the paper to the side of building or put it on the ground depending on ability levels.  Well, it rained, so our plan changed a bit.  Here is what we did.

We gathered our supplies which are porcupine balls, WASHABLE paint, paper plates, and paper.  We put the paper on the floor, on top of a bit piece of bulletin board paper, but a sheet or table cloth would work great also.

ESY Fireworks Painting ESY Fireworks Painting

The kids took turns squeezing the paint onto the plates. 

 ESY Fireworks Painting ESY Fireworks Painting ESY Fireworks Painting

Then they all stood behind a piece of paper and waited for their turn with a color. We put a few of the balls in each color and the kids dropped the ball onto their paper.

 ESY Fireworks Painting  ESY Fireworks Painting ESY Fireworks Painting ESY Fireworks Painting

So these are the finished products.  Overall it was fun, but a bit messy.  We had lot of adults helping out, but a few kiddos still managed to get pain on their clothes.  They would get it on their hands, not like the feel of it and wipe it on their shirt or shorts.

   ESY Fireworks Painting ESY Fireworks Painting

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