Currently July!

I just realized that I forgot all about Currently for July. I really do love these little monthly diddys that Farely does. It gives me a chance to meet new bloggers and remind me of ones I have checked out before and forgot to go back to. So, without further delay, here it is!

Listening:  Yesterday, Heather over at Teaching Through Turbulence posted about autcraft and A is super excited to get started.  It is a version of minecraft (a popular computer game right now) specifically for kiddos on the spectrum.  How cool is that?

Loving:  I love teaching, but I need a break for a week or 4. Of course I will still be doing teacher related things, just in my living room and not my classroom.

Thinking:  B has been in PA for over a week now spending time with my mom and dad.   I know he is loving it, but it is so quiet without him.

Wanting:  Organization is something I want, but am so bad at.  Anyone want to come help me invent the perfect household and classroom system?

Needing: A's 7th birthday is Friday and I still have not planned his birthday party.  I usually have this all done a month ahead and this year it just got away from me.

Tips, Tricks, or Hints:  If you have a question or need help, just ask!  All of the teacher bloggers I have talked to are super friendly and always willing to help out.

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  1. I have a birthday party I need to be planning too! I only have 4 weeks left to enjoy my living room. :)

  2. Jealous that i still have 12 ESY school days left! Enjoy your break! And I too will be planning for next year on my break in my living room ... NOT my classroom! Can't wait!

    Visiting fro mthe link up!

  3. I have a graduation open house Saturday I should be planning! I love your tip!
    Owl Things First

  4. I'm right with you with the birthday party...my daughter's birthday is this month, and I normally plan the party in advance so that we can get out invitations before the school year ends. This year, well...there will be a party with plenty of guests, but there are some classmates that I could not contact. Let me know when you find a great organizational system!

    Your newest follower,


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