Latest (cheap) find!!

I love going to garage sales and thrift stores. I have been sharing this love with my boys so now they get to go with me on Saturday mornings. I was so super excited a few weeks ago when I found this cabinet. I paid $20 for it. Now it is sitting in my classroom waiting to be put in to its place for next year.

 I have also had some really good luck with the Dollar Tree lately. If you a Facebook follower then you probably saw the picture of the Birthday Chair cover. A few days ago I found these letter magnets that I plan to use with a cookie sheet for a word box.

 I have also found some cute dry erase books that the kids can have in their work drawer to practice handwriting, matching, colors, etc.

Another cool find was the Alphabet Dominoes. I laminated them for some additional durability.  The kids have already played this game with success and enjoyment.

  My last find was practice sheet.  Sets of 30 different sheets to practice a variety of skills and get this, they are reproducible!!!   It states it right on the bottom of each sheet.  I figured for  $1, I couldn't pass this up.

If you are looking for more tasks I have a pinterest board dedicated to them or check out the others I have posted on the blog by going here!



  1. That shelf is amazing! $20 is a really good price. I may be only a little teensy bit jealous :) Way to score some awesome finds!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

    1. Isn't it fantastic!?! I can not wait to use it next year!


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