Social Skills: Question of the week

Each week on Tuesday my students do a "Question of the week". They each have a sheet with a question on a clipboard.   We practice asking the questions in the classroom to each other.   Next, We walk around the school (usually to the front office, cafeteria, nurses office, etc.) and ask our question of various people. Some students do this verbally while others use a communication device. This activity allows us to practice social skills by giving students the opportunity to start a conversation with someone by asking a question. Some students record the answers themselves, while others will ask the person to record the answer.

I have the sheets printed out and in a folder all ready to go a few weeks ahead of time.  I have found a lot of great questions on Make Learning Fun (if you have not checked out this website, I love it!  Lots of great ideas on lots of topics).  There is section called Question of the Day. The questions cover all types of content and I often am able to find one that fits in with our current theme.

I have received a lot of positive feed back from our question of the week as it allows others to get to know my students more and allows my students to become more comfortable talking to various people in the school building.

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