March Shapes

Every month we practice a different skill using shapes. I have shown this before in one of my sight word posts.

This month we have community signs on shamrocks. We also have a few coins thrown in there with an American symbol or two. Just trying to keep it crazy interesting.

Sometimes I use these as flashcards, but most of the time I spread them out on the carpet and call one out for the kids to find.  This is a great way to work on receptive language.  Occasionally I will have one  student  tell the others what to find.   Now we are throwing some expressive language in there.   This also provides the opportunity to work on some gross and fine motor skills.  The kids needs to bend over to pick up the shapes and I usually make them out of thinner paper so they need to really use their fingers and pincer grasp to pick them up.

I love activities that practice multiple skills at one time!!


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