Work Box: Counting Hearts

I made a work box similar to this one last year but used erasers instead of scatter (that is the official name for the little hearts). I think the erasers were distracting because they were different. Using the heart scatter (I found it at Dollar Tree) my kiddos were able to be much more successful with this activity.

 Each little heart container has a number on it. My students need to put that number of hearts in each container. We did this as a whole group first, then I worked with them 1:1, and then they did it independently. One of my students was able to take off with it in the 1:1 setting, but when he did it independently he had to go back and try again with a few. Overall, I liked this activity because it worked on fine motor, number recognition and 1:1 correspondence/counting.

If you are looking for more tasks I have a pinterest board dedicated to them or check out the others I have posted on the blog by going here!

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