Another one of those life skills that is difficult to grasp is money. This is a topic that we go over continually all year round. One of my students favorite songs is Honey Bunny by Teacher Tipster. If you have never heard of Teacher Tipster I highly recommend you check him out. He is hilarious, has fantastic ideas, and just fun.

 Wasn't that great!!! Another way we have been practicing money is with this great sheet made by Hailey from Autism Tank  (So, I thought this was made by Hailey, but maybe I got it from Boardmaker Share, once I figure it out, I will update this post). Students match the coin, coin name and value.  I use this as one of my work boxes. One student has realized the color coding (but he is still practicing matching the right things together), but the others work hard at getting everything in the correct spot.
If you are looking for more tasks I have a pinterest board dedicated to them or check out the others I have posted on the blog by going here!Photobucket

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