Assistive Technology: low tech

If you don't know this already Assistive Technology is something I am passionate about. There are many types and I wanted to show some of the low-tech options that we use almost on a daily basis in my classroom. We uses wikki sticks( or their cheaper twin bendaroos) to do all kinds of things. We make letters to practice our alphabet or sight words. We underline or circle numbers, letter, or words in a passage. We also use them to outline something that the kids are coloring in. The kiddos are now working on outlining their own spaces when they color.

 We also use circle stickers for activities that require filling in the blank with a number or a letter. I pre-write the answers (sometimes with a few distractors thrown in) on the stickers. The kids then work on the problem and once they figure it out they have to find the answer on the sticker sheet. I use this with my students who are unable to write or have great difficulty with writing. It is also helpful as an alternate for of answering questions.



  1. Love these ideas. I really like the wiki sticks but I haven't thought of many ways to use them. I love using them to outline when coloring. I need to do that for my students. Where can you buy those at? Last time I had them we ordered through the school, so I have never went anywhere to get them.

    Heather Salsman
    Teaching Through Turbulence

    1. You can get wiki sticks at any teacher store, but you can get Bendaroos which are the same thing but cheaper at Walmart, target, etc. in the toy section.


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