Work-boxes: sorting by color, size, shape

Sorting is one of those skills that all kids need to learn and it makes a great work box! I have a lot of sorting tasks. Here are some of the newest to our collection.

Sort by Color:  In this one we have a collection of different colored items.  Each section of the muffin tin has a different colored dot.  The student needs to then sort the items by color into the muffin tin.  I have also thought about add tweezers to up the fine motor component.

Sort by size:  In this particular sorting my student is working on various skills.  Big and little are two of his current sight words, he is working on sorting by size, and working on fine motor of picking up the paper clips.  He starts with a pile of clips (they are a variety of colors, but all of the big ones are the same size and all of little ones are the same size) and then sorts them onto the appropriate index card.  He is not doing this one independently yet, as it requires a lot of steps (pick up paperclip, identify size, being distracted by color, find the word that matched the size, put it on the correct index card).

OOPS!!! This post went out early!  There should be a post before it explaining a bit more about work boxes.  It will post in a few days.  That is what I get for trying to get organized and make sure I have posts ready to go. 


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