Sight words: word walls

We have two word walls in our room. We have one that is up all year and we add words to it throughout the year. (Although this year, I have been really bad with this). It is on the back of a shelf that runs along our carpet. I thought this would be a good height, but I actually think it is to low and the kids don't even realize it is there.   I use computer labels to add the words.  I could print them on the computer ( and use different fonts), but I just end up writing them with a marker.

 We also have a seasonal/unit word wall where I change the words with each unit. Currently we have winter words up. The students match the words to the pictures or the pictures to the words. I scramble them up every few days so that the kiddos do not simply memorize where they are. Some of the list I come up with on my own and some I have found on different websites all ready to go and free. (If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I love anything free.) I am amazed at how quickly the kids pick up on these words and then start generalizing and using the words in other settings.

Here are some free ones I just found:
Winter Words 
Christmas words
Spring Words

 Do you have a word wall in your room? How do you use it? Where is it located?


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