Sight Words: games

If you Google sight word game you will literally come up with hundreds of ideas. Some of our class favorites include CandyLand, (we write our words on the cards and read the word before we move a space), Oh No!, Word Shapes.

Oh no! is a game one of my wonderful co-workers introduced me to a few years ago. Words are written on cards and then put into a container. I usually try to use a seasonal container such as a stocking in December, a pumpkin in October, etc. One or two of the cards say Oh No!or some variation of it (Oh Snow!, Oh pumpkin!, Oh turkey!). Students take turns drawing and reading the cards. If they get the word correct, they get to keep the card. If they draw Oh no! the student must put all of their cards back. You can get some of these games for free by checking out these blog posts.

I also just added Oh Snow! to Teachers pay Teachers as my first payed item. It is only $1.50 and it is snowman themed. You can check that out here.

To play Word Shapes we have our words written on various shapes depending on the time of year. For example, in March, the words were written on shamrocks. We then spread the shamrocks on the floor and when the teacher calls out the word the students has to find it. Depending on the motor skills of the child they may just stand on it, pick it up, use a flashlight to point to it, or use a pointer to point to it.



  1. On the game Word Shapes do you have the words written multiple times? Do you play this game with the entire class or 2-4 players?

  2. Hi Luci! I only have the words written once but I don't see why you couldn't write them multiple times. I play this with 2-4 students at a time. I usually do not have more than that in my classroom at once. I could see it being a center in a larger class setting where student could call out words to each other to find.


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