Oh turkey! (Revisit)

I have gained a lot of new followers since I posted this last year. I thought we should revisit Oh Turkey! so all of the new comers to check it out also (and those of you who missed it or forgot you had it can get it also!).

 Here is the description from my TPT store: This 15 page document includes various versions of the game "Oh Turkey!" for your students to enjoy. The first set is all of the upper and lowercase letters. The second set is numbers 1-20 along with turkeys programmed with dots for numbers 1 -10 so that students can also practice 1:1 correspondence. The third set is the Dolch pre-primer sight words. To play students pick out one turkey from a basket and read the letter/word/number. If they get it correct they keep the turkey. If a student pulls "Oh Turkey!", then they must put all of the turkeys back in the basket.

 I will say my students LOVE this game! I can't wait to pull it out so we can start playing again.  Click here to go to my TPT store.  You can also find  Thanksgiving freebies by checking out the freebie tab up top!


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