My Fish Tank!

I have been wanting to apply for a Pets in the Classroom Grant for awhile now. So this summer I finally took that leap. This was one of the easiest grant applications that I have ever filled out. I decided to go for the grant for glow fish (there are a few different options depending on what pet you want) since I feel that this will be a good first pet for our classroom. Also they glow when under a black light which I just thought was cool. I was notified the next day that my application was under review, and then.... I came home one day and there was box on my porch. I freaked out a little bit because the outside said live animals and I did not have a fish tank yet, but thank goodness it was just the tank. The tank is fantastic. It came with the gravel, plants, water purifier, a small packet of food and extra filters. The light on it has a variety of settings so you can have just the black light, no light, ect. It also has a little drawer on the bottom so you can keep extra supplies in it. The fish arrived via FedEx a week later and now are happily living in my classroom. So if you have ever wanted a pet in the classroom, but did not have the funds, Pets in the Classroom is a great way to go. You can even apply each year for a sustaining grant to help keep your pet healthy and provide food, new items, etc. If you do decide to get the Glow Fish I suggest having your fish delivered to your school. Mine were delivered to my house and I am not sure how long they were on my porch.



  1. This post was cool. I love fish and in fact we have an aquarium in our house :) Glad I came across to your blog. Thank you.


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