Wordle: Learning Ahoy
Wordle: Learning Ahoy 2I have been attending Tech Trek this week and learning all kinds of new educational things to use in the classroom. One that I have been very excited to share is wordle. It is such a neat way to display a bunch of words and I have thought of so many uses for it already. You could have the kids list adjectives that describe a character in story, you could put all of the names of the kids in your class, words that describe China and the list goes on and on. There are also so many ways that you can edit your wordle to make it unique. I have already introduced this to my oldest son A who is going into first grade and he loves it! How do you think you may use this tool in the classroom?



  1. I love Wordle!! I use it in my classroom for students to highlight similar word families during centers. They have so much fun with it!
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  2. I LOVE Wordle. (search Pinterest for great ideas for use) We use it in my class when we study MLK's speech. We make a Wordle of his "BIG" Words. Another one that is super fun is called Tagxedo. You can actually choose the shape the words form. :-)

    1. I learned about Tagxedo today!! I love that you can make the words into different shapes. So many ideas are flowing. Thanks for the comment!


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