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As you probably know I am on a a quest to make my classroom a more organized space. I feel this will really help my students. Last summer I read Debbie Dillers book Spaces and here. I do plan on revisiting that book when I get home (I am currently in NJ visiting my family), however while my husband was driving I decided to read a book on my kindle app. I downloaded this for free last summer and I regret to say that it is no longer free, but still it was a great read. The book is Organized Teacher, Happy Classroom by Melaniet S. Unger. She goes through all kinds of stuff in her book from The benefits of an Organized Classroom, purging, storage, a teacher binder, and my favorite chapter(Chapter 8) which talked about organizing curriculm. This chapter also discussed using binders (I love binders!) to organizes your theame papers by month. So you would have a binder for September that would hold all of your back to school papers, and a binder for October that would hold your Columbus Day, Halloween, etc. I love this idea!!! I can eliminate an entire drawer in my file cabinet. I can not wait to get started on these once I can get into my classroom. If you would like to check out her book the link to it on Amazon is below.  I am also adding the link for Debbie Dillers book if you are interested.
I wanted add that I am planning out my next post for Teach Hub and it will be on my Teacher Binder and how I used it as a special education teacher. I also plan on having some freebies with it that will be available here before the Teach Hub post goes live. So keep you eye out. It should be out next week! Photobucket

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