Frugal Friday: Ipad Apps!!

Well, I decided to hop back on the Frugal Friday series. The past two weeks have been crazy with running back and forth between here and NJ/PA.

 Today I wanted to tell you how I get some awesome free apps. The first place that is a fantastic resource is Smart Apps for Kids. There is a free app of the day (I get an email each day to tell me about this so I never miss out!) and there is also a list of the top 100 free apps There are also reviews for all of the apps which I find really helpful.

Another page I will check out for Apps is A4cwsn.  There is a Facebook page and a Blog.   On the blog you can find app reviews, including video reviews.  On the facebook page there are often giveaways and lots of conversation.

I also belong to a few groups on Facebook that I find extremely helpful. Often developers will want teachers to try out their apps and will give you a code to get it for free. I have gotten a lot of great apps this way and will be posting some reviews soon. Here are the groups I belong to:
 App Co-op for Special Needs Population 
Educational App Talk.

How do you find free apps or apps to use in the classroom?



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