Organizationally Challenged

If you have followed my posts on TeachHub, then you know that I am organizational challenged but I am trying to fix that. My first step in that direction will be creating a sticker binder to organize all of my stickers. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures as I go through the process so that you can all see. If you have not seen my posts about binders yet on Teach Hub please go check them out! I love feedback and there are some links to some really awesome bloggers within the articles.

Teacher's End of the Year Organization
  Become an Organized Teacher with 3 Simple binders


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  1. This is exactly what I am looking for. I just participated in a linky party a few days ago in which I said organization is my challenge! Thanks for sharing! :)

    I am having a big TPT giveaway over at my blog- come & check it out!
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