Friday, May 25, 2012

The many uses of duct tape

Have you discovered the colored and patterned duct tape yet? It comes in roll and sheets and there are SO many cute choices.   I think my favorite is the Paint Splatter Printed Duct Tape. I have posted before how I used duct tape to remodel a bookshelf (you can check that post out here), well I have also used duct tape for a variety of other things this year.  All of these uses were completed at the beginning of the year and I just took the pictures yesterday, so I feel it held up REALLY well to the mistreatment of K-2nd graders.  So this year I have used duct tape to cover a formula can, hold down a carpet, hold up a table cloth turned curtain and of course my remodeled bookshelf. I also used it to cover an can from cake frosting, but I couldn't locate that to take a picture.  I am sure I am going to find many more uses this summer when I start going through my classroom again.  I think I have some more shelves that could use some sprucing up.  Have you used duct tape on anything?  I would love to see! Please share pictures on the Learning Ahoy Facebook wall.



  1. I love your ideas on the different ways to use the duct tape. I am definitely buying some next year to do some decorating in my classroom!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I use duct tape to mark student spots in on the carpet. LOVE duct tape! I found your blog through TBTS and gave you a shout-out on my facebook page.

    I'd love for you to stop by sometime!

  3. I put duct tape of varying colors on the binder of different composition books. That way the red one is the ELA , the blue math. I thought it would be to "babyish" for middle school students. Of course then the gen ed students want to "tape-code" their books.

    Best use of duct tape. We read an article about the police finding an alligator in a local home. They duct taped the jaws closed to remove him. The article included a quote from a by stander aged 6. "Daddy, why are the police arresting the alligator?"

  4. I teach 5th grade Science and Social Studies and I use duct tape to color code all of my kids notebooks as well as create colored magnets for my storage lockers for their notebooks and textbooks.

  5. I used duct tape this year as a border around an area that I painted. It sticks easy and looks great.I have also used it as border around bulletin boards, use to deorate boring boxes for storage, matte around a print, and as an outline for areas for the kids to line up in.


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