Wow....what a week...

Wow... so I told you all about my first week back with just the teachers, we added the students this past week and life went crazy! My students are great. I actually only have one new student and one new to me. The rest I have looped with from last year. It was a crazy week at school just trying to get schedules straight and figure out who needs to be where when. My oldest son also started kindergarten this week. He loves it which makes this momma happy. The consistency of being back in school and on a schedule has really helped with his flapping and chewing everything. (For those who don't know, A, has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS)

So on top of all of this, my best friend's father passes away on Thursday from cancer. I am hoping she doesn't mind that I post a picture of him. I know he will be missed greatly by his wife, daughters, and grandchildren.  He was a great man and I have many memories of him keeping C and I out of trouble when we were kids. 

On Friday, I checked my email to find that my Donor's Choose project was completely funded. Yay!! I can not wait to get those materials to use with my students.  I will be getting an ice cream maker that has is shaped like a ball and is rolled instead of cranked to make the ice cream, kitchen utensils, and a picture cookbook. 

After I picked up my youngest from day care, the boys and I headed home only to get a phone call from my husband that he was in a car accident. Everyone involved was ok, but the my husbands pride and joy, his 2002 Mustang has a boo boo(as my kids would say).

I am hoping for a better week coming up. I will be posting some things I have made this past week for my classroom and a review of some awesome flashcards. Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me these past few weeks and my lack of posting!


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