Music in the classroom Linky Party

Music is a daily occurrence in my classroom. We use it in math, reading, circle time, lining up, washing our hands, etc. For my daily circle time, I make a cd for each month. This CD always includes The Welcome to School Chacha, a song for movement, a song to talk about specific vocabulary or concepts (for example last year we used the yellow song when learning about colors) and either a specific reading or math song. When I started teaching I was introduced to Dr. Jean.

This past school year I was introduced to Jack Hartman.

These two people became my music go to artists. I have also recently discover Teacher Tipster who has a lot of his own songs and demonstrates them on YouTube.

And last but not least I learned about I am a Pizza by Charlotte Diamond this school year as it became on of my students favorite song. She has some great songs.

Link up with me and share: How do you use music in the classroom? Who are your go to artists?



  1. cAItLIn!!!!! I get to be the first in line to add a comment to your awesome linkie-party! As an independent musician I wish every blogger would start their year asking a similar question! LOL!!!

    Of course I am my favorite music resource. I have created over 100 original songs onto 9 CDs and turned three of my songs into picture book format. Just last week my song/book/project received a National INDIE Excellence Award.

    The link I have provided above will take you to a YouTube version of the song being performed in sign language. Later this week at my blog and a series of others I will host MY first linkie party, which will include prizes of my signed book, "Red, White and Blue" (which includes a CD inside the back cover with both sung and instrumental versions) and a chart of sign language to support the text in performance.

    This would be the PERFECT resource for a teacher for the upcoming observation of the 10th Anniversary of 9-11.

    Thanks for letting me introduce myself to your audience!!!


  2. Caitlin, I must say that Debbie Clement is one of my favorites and one of my students favorites as well! Everything she does in outstanding but my personal favorite is "Red, White and Blue"! Check out my YouTube video of my students performing this song in front of paper quilt that my students and I created last year. Debbie's book, Red, White and Blue was our inspiration for the design creation of the quilt!

  3. I have my favorites here in Florida! My first favorite has to be Mary Ann Harmon who is also known as "Music With Mar". "Mr. Froggy" and his pals have followed me around to different centers over the last 22 years, and each time Mr. Froggy" has moved in with his music; the children keep asking, "Ms. Judi, Can we sing that again, please?"

    Jack Hartman is my other favorite children's music performer! His enthusiasm is very contagious!

  4. Go to artist? Music with Mar. of course!

  5. Mar. is the BEST!!!!!!!

  6. Can't go wrong with Music with She has a song for every topic! 25+ cds to choose from!

  7. Caitlin!!!!!!!
    I just looked at my 'traffic' report for today and I see that I am still receiving visits from your linkie. I am so grateful that you put this together and that you continue to introduce me to new people -- all of these weeks later!!!

    Hope that your year is off to a great start.

    Debbie Clement

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