Monster Math

I have been trying to come up with a better way for my students (2nd grade) to practice speed at their basic addition and subtraction facts. I feel like they need to have a firm grasp on the basic facts for continued success in math. In both school I have taught at we have had weekly speed tests, but I never felt it was rewarding or successful for my students. While blog stalking yesterday I came across this great blog, Lory's Page, and a post about pig math, which led me to create Monster Math I plan on having students do a 30 second speed test daily. As the successfully complete the daily problems they will move up to the next level. We will keep track of this with my own recording sheet and a vision I have of moving clips to different monsters (pictures to come once I finish creating this). I am hoping to reward periodically for hard work and being successful. I would love your thoughts on this and any challenges you may foresee. I worked on the addition portion today, but I will also make a portion for subtraction.

Check out the Monster Math Addition here.


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